01. International Trade

Compliance & Expertise

Opening an account with us is very simple. However, before we can open one for you, all clients need to complete an essential verification process which involves submitting certain documentation.

For every business account, we require that the company submits the ID and proof of residence for the account signatory, directors and shareholders.

Furthermore, to verify your identity, and in line with today’s modern technology, we will need you to take a selfie whilst holding your passport with the passport details clearly visible..

You will also need need to provide proof that the signatory has the right to open the account as well as manage the funds of the business. This should be in the form of a power of attorney or a board resolution.

Please note that we follow strict Anti-Money Laundering rules in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

02. Guaranteed Service

Know your Client

To verify the identity of individuals attached to the application (i.e signatory, directors, etc), we operate a Know Your Client (KYC) process.

KYC is a process used by banks and financial institutes to prove that the applicant(s) are, who they say they are and live where they say they live.

When opening an account, not only are you required to submit proof of ID, we also require that you submit proof of address. This can be a utility bill or a landline telephone bill, etc.

These must be within 3 months from the time the application has been submitted. Please note that documents such as bank statements or mobile telephone bills do not count as a valid proof of residence.

03. Guaranteed Service

Corporate Due Diligence

As part of the process when opening a business account, you will be required to submit the Certificate of Incorporation, including all supporting registration documents, as per the jurisdiction where the company is based. This is required to show that the business is legitimately incorporated and currently active.

As a bank, we also need to know the ultimate beneficial owner(s) and require applicants to submit the necessary paperwork for this.

In the event that we are unable to verify companies by a Government registry, all documentations must be attested. They need to be certified by a notary, qualified accountant, lawyer, bank officer or police officer in order for us to accept them.

Please note that we will contact the certifier to confirm that they have certified your documents. Thus, we will need their contact details.

Companies that require special licenses to carry out certain activities will also need to supply this as part of the application process. Our team will need to verify the validity of the license, including its authenticity.

04. Some more reasons to choose us

Transactional due Diligence

In line with AML policies and other banking standards, we may ask you to justify why transactions are being made, or the source of the money being deposited into your account. This verification may be in the form of telephone and/or by email.

When contacted by our staff members, you may need to submit to us invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes, contracts and any other documentary evidence related to the transaction. Failure to provide these documents can result in your account being closed.

We also reserve the right to contact the other parties involved to confirm any aspects relating to the transaction or to provide us with further information/documents.