We are always asked these questions

Here are the Answers

ATP t/a CNPAY Global Company Limited under the brand name ZangPay is an online payments institution with Hong Kong MSO license number 17-07-02157. It is Authorized to handle foreign exchange, collection and payment transactions for clients.

The minimum Transaction size is £1,000.

We currently offer payments to all Eurozone member states as well as many non-European countries. Just ask your account Manager if you have any doubts about a payment you wish to initiate.

A fee table is available on our site for all costs relating to your account.

Our exchange rate is based on a live interbank market exchange rate. This is why it keeps moving throughout the day. Our active market risk management allows us to provide you with the rate that is usually significantly better than the one offered by our competitors.

Log into your account and initiate a transfer. Insert all the required fields and submit. We will take care of the rest.

We aim to process your transaction within 1 hour of request. International transfers usually take between 2-5 business days. If you require an express same day payment, you may advise your account manager who will be able to assist you in doing so.

There is a small fee for Local Transfers, Please take a look at our fee table.

Similarly to banks and other financial services providers, we follow anti-money laundering guidelines and need to complete the verification of your identity. We ask for it straight after your initial registration. For the verification of your identity, we will ask for a photo-copy of your ID document, which can be: – Passport photo page; – National ID card; – Driver’s licence.