01. International Trade

For the Business World

In today’s world, international trade has become the norm regardless of your business or its size. At Zang Pay, we ensure that you remain relevant in the business world.
02. Guaranteed Service

Quality Assured

For any goods or services to be transferred, there needs to be one element. Payment. When you use ZangPay, we facilitate this process in a manner that suits all parties. Our account holders will enjoy the benefit of security and speed on all transfers and payments that they make. Their clients will enjoy the advantage of receiving or making payments in their local currencies, thus saving money on exchange rates and commissions. This creates a business friendly environment whereby suppliers and customers who bank with us both enjoy the benefits of ZangPay accounts.

ZangPay provides you with improved financial performances thanks to the constant support provided by our account managers who are here to guide you and provide you with financial whenever you need it.

04. Some more reasons to choose us

Benefits of ZangPay

Smooth Sailing

With ZangPay, making payments is straightforward.

SSL Security

All data between the web server and browsers are secure and encrypted.


Get notified whenever a transaction takes place on your account.


When you work with us, you deal with real people, not robots!

Instant Access

Whatever country or time zone, you have access to your money.

No Delays

Receive your payments from the moment they have been cleared.

No Extra Cost

No hidden fees or cost when you make payments or transfers.

Online Service

Online Service